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What others are saying about Rick’s work:

After attending a Rick Solomon workshop, I was able to change my relationship with an existing client and in the process increase my billing by 400%…two years later that fee doubled. The client is thrilled with his progress…their gross sales went from $700,000 to $2.1 million during that time period.

Robert Grubman, CPA

Great content. Rick Solomon understands the abundance principle and real service better than any CPA business advisor I have heard.

Mark Sheffield, CPA


Rick Solomon offers a systematic approach which takes away the sales pressure, and I found him to be very entertaining.

Kim Wilson, CPA


What Rick Solomon offers in Sell Without Selling is razor sharp understanding of human behavior – not in classical psychological terms – but in business. Rick directly brings the human equation back into business. He truly understands how emotions limit our beliefs; how emotions arise in the business world, and how they affect the choices we make.

Dr. Dan Sternberg


If you’re a little insecure with suggesting new services to clients or prospects, Rick’s then man to help you work through it; and even if you are a seasoned pro, Rick has suggestions that will challenge your thinking.

Steve Moss, CPA


I just had the most productive meeting that I have ever had with a referral source. They truly do look at me differently than anyone has perceived me before. Without the relationship process that you have helped me to use, this certainly would not have happened.

Craig Wagenschultz, CPA

What a tremendous feeling! The process actually sets the stage for a very different type of relationship with the client. Just wanted you to know that this is incredible and I appreciate what you are doing for me.

Elizabeth Nielson, CPA

We are so pleased to get back to the office from Rick’s sales workshop to implement our new way of thinking. We will now be business partners with our clients, not historical accountants.

Michelle Johnston, CPA


This last 6 months, almost daily, I’ve had these periods of enlightenment. I feel like I’m moving, bit by bit, to exactly where I want to be.

Dave Clarke, CPA

I can not remember when I sat through an entire day of training and listened all the way through. It was targeted to accountants by an accountant. Gave me a lot of good, usable ideas.

Nichole Bradley

The Sell Without Selling sales training audio program is like being at one of Rick’s live training seminars, without the cost or trouble! It’s exactly what accountants need to bring the kind of profitable business we’re all looking for.

Allan Koltin, CEO

I wish that I had taken this course as I was starting my firm almost 17 years ago.

Doug Evans, CPA